What’s up, Witches?

You are reading my very first blog post as a new small business owner and I am so incredibly excited you're here

A book of spells rests on a table surrounded by white pumpkins, red eucalyptus, and a pewter candlestick
I am so ready to share my magic with you!

Woven throughout my excitement is a ton of nerves, of course. Taking a risk and opening a business is already such a huge emotional leap, but the type of venture I’ve launched is so personal to me it feels incredibly raw.

First, a quick introduction

My name is Amethyst Fox and I am a witch. I have been practicing my magic ever since stumbling my way into witchcraft around age thirteen. I began my journey as many do, with a set of Tarot cards. I was wandering around Barnes & Noble one day and saw a mini Tarot kit on a rotating display near the checkout counter. Something, probably my burgeoning ADHD at that time, made me reach out and grab the little box. When I tell you I was pleased with my purchase, I’m understating it a bit. I went home and stayed up until 2 am (on a school night no less *gasp*) reading the little booklet that came along with the set. I was bound and determined to memorize each and every card.

Of course, as I was thirteen, I didn’t, but I did bring the tiny set with me to sleep overs or play dates. where my friends and I would all crowd around the teeny cards, all trying desperately to read the minuscule words printed out in the guidebook. “This one means you’re going to get married soon,” we would confidently say, pointing with fingers made salty by popcorn and snacks. Needless to say, I was hooked.

From there, combined with my love of fantasy books, I naturally found my way deeper into magic, witchcraft, and exploring my intuition. This eventually lead me down the path to Wicca and Pagan religions, which I really wanted and tried to adopt but eventually could not. I was not raised with a religion and it so it felt disingenuous and forced. The feeling of freedom I found in witchcraft could not be contained by rules of any kind made by someone beside myself. This, of course, is not meant to be disparaging towards anyone who participates in religion to find their balance with Spirit.

Which witch way?

My partner heard a comment about 2020 essentially stating that for all the horrible things brought by COVID-19, this last year has offered the opportunity for a lot of people to find what their passions actually are and to pursue them. I feel fortunate to have been shown how my true passion could be shared on a greater scale and that I am able to take action by brining it to fruition. This is the way I have chosen to go and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve spent the last six months building out everything you see encapsulated here.

Ideas and goals for all this

When I say “all this” I mean *gestures vaguely to my whole website* all of this that I’ve recently created. My whole business is based around coaching, although there is an amazing shop too (if I do say so myself), as well as reading Tarot cards. I realized, as someone who has been practicing and reading for as long as I have there was a further need past emailing out a summary of my Tarot readings.

I believe there is a real need for coaching in this very special community of magic users, spiritualists, witches, pagans, and otherwise sensitive people. This isn’t traditional life coaching but instead pathway consultations for the modern witch. There is so much information out there on spells and magic and divination and manifestation that it‘s often difficult to cut through to your truth. I’ve found securing a mentor to help guide you to that truth is an incredibly helpful way to reach what you desire.

What I hope to bring to you are a selection of services that include more than just pathway consultations but also Tarot readings, custom spell work, and magical consults. Working with me will allow you to improve your self-love and self-care, to strengthen your intuition, shift your mindset, help you through work and career changes, survive major life events such as weddings or moves, interpret portents, heal from trauma, work through loss and death, conduct ancestor and deity work, and much more.

Tarot reading

As a huge part of my craft is reading Tarot, I feel I would fail myself if I didn’t mention at least one card. The perfect Tarot card, of course, for this new journey of mine is The Fool.

The Fool Tarot card
The start of any great journey begins with this card

Truly, how can anyone start a new venture without mentioning The Fool? There are so many things to say about this wonderful card but I specifically love the imagery of the traditional Pamela Colman Smith artwork. Not only do I literally have my very own pup companion, but I think this card is sometimes underrated.

This card has no number, it is marked by a zero, and represents the void, the world or mundane or cosmic egg. Whatever called, it refers to the nothing places within the liminal spaces between time and reality. Representing all possibility that has yet to be born. This is the energy that surrounds me now and it’s more than exciting.

This card is ruled by the element of air, which is associated also with the planet Uranus, which is ruled by Aquarius. Guess what? My sun is in Aquarius, which is also an air sign. Typically, the air element is all about expansiveness and growth and Aquarians are known for walking to the beat of our own drum. Oh, and Uranus always brings unexpected changes and opportunities. I love how all of this is tying back into The Fool card and to my new endeavor. I’m going to say now that I don’t to have this all figured out right from the start, that’s impossible. Instead, I have decided on where to start and which way I’ll go from there.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll update you on my Fool‘s journey (ha) soon!

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