The first of the Witch Way Coaching wellness grimoires, a digital spellbook about discarding anxiety using your inner magic

Anti-Anxiety Spellbook

  • This wellness grimoire is for the witch or person with a magical soul who suffers from anxiety, OCD, panic disorders, and/or depression, life can become really challenging

    I myself struggle with anxiety and depression and through the practice of my craft, I have discovered how I can blend my magic techniques with Western therapies. This is what I teach in this workbook

    You will receive a carefully and thoughtfully created, 37-page beautiful and relaxing workbook, in PDF form. This spellbook will help you cope with your anxiety using strategies and magic that have worked for me in the past and continue to help me move through moments of panic

    Of course, this isn't a cure or a cure-all but it is a way to help you cope with these disorders in harmony with your other therapies or clinician recommendations. Remember, your mental health matters just as much as your physical health does