Say good riddance to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and welcome in the New Year with some much needed positivity!

New Year’s Luck Spell Bottle

  • Get ready for 2021 with our New Year's Luck spell bottle. After this last year, we all need a little boost of goodness. Invite happiness, good cheer, and warmth into your life using this witch bottle

    Traditionally, witch bottles or spell jars were used to protect or ward off evocations. Today, they have many uses and often are created to help invite or encourage concepts, emotions, or outcomes

    Each jar is filled with ingredients specifically and hand choosen to promote new beginnings and luck. Before assembly, every ingredient is charged with intentions for a positive year. A prosperity spell is cast over the bottle and is then sealed with a cork and wax. This bottle is intended to be kept in your house or on or near your person for a whole year