This custom spell jar is for you and your specific needs. Just let me know what your needs or issues are. I will create a custom spell and intuitively choose ingredients to help you accomplish whatever it is you need.


Simply keep the jar in the home, your room, or carry with you (careful as it is glass). It is also great to give as a gift. If you break the jar accidentally, that is okay. Discard the glass and bury the ingredients to protect the spell.

Every spell jar is unique because it is handcrafted using natural ingredients carefully selected by me, no two spell jars look exactly alike.

Spell Jar

  • Please choose a specific theme to your intentions. A good theme may be attracting love & self-love. A lack of theme would be something like restful sleep, good luck, and love. This would have a lack of focus and create a very weak backbone to the jar. For better success, please make sure your wants are focused into a theme so I can use a spell specific to your needs.